High Strength Vitamin D Benefits

high strength vitamin d benefits

If you are doing gym, Vitamin D is a most important nutrient which acts key role in your overall health and performance. Read this article to understand how to get enough Vitamins to be on top of game!

A well-known name of this product is “Sunshine Vitamin” or the product which useful to retain strong bones. It functionally works to maintain bone and muscle health. Moreover, it provides satisfactory effects on inflammation. According to Michael F. Holick, an American endocrinologist, it is observed that worldwide one billion people do not have sufficient vitamin D in their body.(Read more about Vitamin D deficiency)

Here, we have listed some advantage of Vitamin D which helps you to understand this compounds better.

  1. Brawny Bones

When you think about the brawny bones, you immediately strike about calcium. Calcium is a basic obligation for health of bones but you never thought about vitamin D.

In last research, it has been shown that vitamin D is a main stimulator of calcium in bones which built them healthier and stronger. If your body does not grabbing enough vitamin D, the depositing of calcium to the bones would be less and withdraw calcium out from bones into blood. According to NCBI, The vitamin D plays a primary role in the maintenance of extracellular fluid calcium concentration.  This continuous process of deposition and extraction of calcium will responsible for bones weakness which cause fractures in near future.

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  1. Better Muscle Function

Vitamin D controls neuromuscular functioning and effects protein synthesis. According to some studies, people with below 30 nmol/l vitamin D levels weakness and muscle problems.  It is also observed that Vitamin D has an inverse relation with muscle fat. 59% of girls in California, 16 to 22 aged, have

Vitamin D deficiency is very common in athletes because they avoid to peak sunlight hours. Sun is a main source to get Vitamin D. Athletes likes to do practice early in the morning or late at night which reduce ultraviolet B.

  1. Prevention against Cardiovascular Disease

Typically vitamin D is responsible for grow absorption of calcium to maintain bone health but it has a defensive impact on our heart. From the latest proof, it is derived that individuals with vitamin D deficiency have high risk of high blood pressure, cardiac death, heart disease or heart failure. It is observed, but still unclear at this time, that vitamin D is helpful in reduce blood pressure, improve vascular compliance and improve glycemic control.

  1. Reduce risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is responsible for heart disease, nerve damage and kidney failure and vision loss and eye damage. Latest study derived that vitamin D might be play an important role to reduce risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

  1. Decrease risk of Cancer

Research recommends that adequate level of vitamin D, reduce the risk of many cancer types like colon, breast, prostate and ovarian.  It is prevent the growth of cancer-cell and decrease the risk of cancer by increase the calcium absorption and cell differentiation while decreasing metastasis.

  1. Reduce depression

As we discussed above, Vitamin D plays an immense role in bone health, it also plays a role into other areas of health. Many parts of brain have Vitamin D receptors. On surface of cell, we can find receptors where receptors receive chemical signals which direct a cell to do something. The result of research express that there is relation between depression and vitamin D but it did not resulted with that Vitamin D impact on depression. (Link to read more about depression and vitamin D study)

  1. Boosts Weight Loss

Include Vitamin D in your diet plan if you are going to reduce weight.  According to research done by Italian team, managed by Luisella Vigna of the University of Milan, they have studied with 400 obese people who have Vitamin D deficiency. After six months study they derived that the people who taken vitamin D supplement, lost more weight and reduce their waistlines.

Some food sources from where you will get good Vitamin D naturally to stay healthy.

  • Salmon
  • Orange juice (fortified)
  • Sardines
  • Yogurt (fortified)
  • Egg yolk
  • Shrimp
  • Milk (fortified)
  • Cereal (fortified)

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